Our Filming Projects

The group wanted to support the National Dormouse Monitoring Programme by understanding how dormice use nest boxes.
To this end an infrared motion detect camera and recorder was installed next to a box on one of our Surrey sites.

2008 Filming

Was a success!

54 nights of filming a box gave us 256 video clips of dormice.

Which captured:

  • how often the dormouse left and returned to the box
  • spectacular leaps into the canopy
  • food being taken into the box
  • the use of a forward roll technique to enter the box
  • a wood mouse sharing box residency with a dormouse

2009 Filming

Another success!

49 nights of filming using 2 cameras gave us 112 video clips of dormice

The results are currently being analysed but we captured:

  • a female dormouse taking nesting material into the box
  • two young dormice emerging from the nest for the first time and their subsequent nightly activities

A Snoring Dormouse

A dormouse that was filmed by Dave Williams during a box check in November 2015.